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TX - Eddy currents sensor

TX2 new

Eddy Current sensors are robust, and can typically handle extreme environments. They can measure distances without contact, as well as vibrations, out-of-round irregularities, at very high frequencies, without being disturbed by oil, grease, or other non-conductive and non-metallic contamination.

They allow a measuring range from 0.5 to 10mm.


  • Measurement of axial and radial play
  • Out-of-round, vibrations and high point Measurement
  • Deflection and deformation measurement
  • Alignment control between two shafts
  • Clearance and ball bearing wear measurement
  • Cavity Pressure Measurement
  • Teeth detection on wheels and sprockets
  • Camshaft point and camshaft profile measurement
  • Groove detection and measurement of the groove depth
  • Crack detection
  • Shape control
  • Measurement of the thickness of rust, paint or oxidation layer


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