We are pleased to announce the launch of two miniature draw-wire sensors : range from 0 to 500mm (CD30) and from 0 to 750mm (CD35)

More: CD30 and CD35


Draw-wire sensors
Analog angle sensors
Linear potentiometers
Inductive sensors (LVDT)
Eddy currents sensors
Measurement box and process display

Our values


One of the main values of our society is the precision. Today, a company can no longer afford to leave room for doubt or unclarity and AK Industries has understood it.
That’s why all of our sensors are linear up to 0.10% for potentiometric sensors and incremental mode and up to 0.01% for sensors in absolute mode.

RTC Accreditation

Our partnership can give you a tax credit.
In June 2018, we obtained the RTC (research tax credit) accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. This approval recognizes the ability to perform R & D work.
Your expenses in R & D and prototypes that you entrust to our company will allow you to benefit from the RTC (subject to eligibility).


All components of the sensors are manufactured by ourselves. From the production of parts to assembly, AK Industries provides all of the production process and can perform quality control at each step which ensures the customer a product without any defect.


An innovative and dynamic company, that’s how one could describe the company AK Industries.
Because of its size and organization, AK Industries is a very flexible company. We use this advantage to meet your needs as quickly as possible.


Our technicians are experts. For 20 years they explore the world of the draw wire sensor and its applications in order to better advise you, serve you and answer your questions.

Customer Service

Our salesmen are available and are close to their customers in a logical spot. They will be happy to develop a project with you, prevent your constraints in order to enter a win-win relationship.


Founded in 1998, AK-Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of sensors for measuring physical quantities, and more specifically in linear and angular sensors.

With over 20 years of experience, increasingly ambitious challenges are constantly reached for the most exigent clients, thanks to a motivated and dynamic young team.

Our 1600m² production facility located in Thal Marmoutier, 30 km from Strasbourg, European capital, has its own research office and an ultra modern and accurate CNC machine unit, using a variety of CAD tools. AK Industries also provides services for mechanical contracting.

Our products are used in many areas, like in wood industry, automobile, nuclear, medical, research centres or specialized machinery.

AK Industries in respect of its customers, always devotes more energy to produce innovative, robust and accurate sensors.


Raising / lowering of containers

The first one is the measurement of the raising and lowering of a container carried by a stacker crane. The speed and the position can be measured using our sensors to ensure safe handling.

Displacement of hydraulic actuators

A cable reel equipped with an encoder can also quite measuring the displacement of a lifting apparatus and more specifically the output of a hydraulic cylinder in order to ensure the correct positioning for the operator.

Position and speed of a lift

The draw-wire displacement sensor can then measure the speed of descent and ascent of a lift in order to guarantee the user a trip at constant speed, a smooth stop and at the right height.

Our realisations


In 2001, 70 draw wire sensors from AK Industries were installed on the “GIANT 4”, the boat that was used to refloat the nuclear submarine “KOURSK” that weighed no less than 13 500 tons !

Giant 4 (Copyright 2008 ©Huisman Equipment B.V.)

The Bacalan Bridge

More recently, in 2013, four 50m draw wire sensors were installed on the 4 pillars of the Bacalan bridge in Bordeaux in order to control the raising and lowering of the 48 m long platform, which crosses the Garonne.

The Bacalan Bridge (©Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux)


Installation of 30 LVDT sensors in the CERN in Geneva for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC): the most powerful particle accelerator in the world to validate physical theories.

Large Hadron Collider (©CERN)


(Draw wire Sensors)

  • Woodworking machines (positioning control of a fixed blade with respect to a fixed blade)
  • Geothermal drilling and boring machine (large measurement range sensors)
  • On a hydroelectric dam to control gate opening
  • Elevators
  • Extruder control
  • Fatigue test on airplane wing
  • Positioning control of cutters on public works machine
  • Positioning of glazing bead saw or press
  • Several military applications (top secret)
  • Raising a floor of a house (Canada)



Mechanical subcontracting

We offer our competencies in such areas as machining, assembly of sub-assemblies and electronic integration.

Our machinery is adapted to your needs for small and medium-sized series (1 to 5000 parts), in materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, brass or even plastic.

The production plant consists of

  • One automatic sliding headstock lathe
  • One Multitasking CNC lathe
  • One 5-axis CNC lathe
  • One 4-axis CNC lathe
  • One 2-axis CNC lathe
  • One 5-axis-milling machine
  • Two 3-axis-milling machines
  • One Electrical Discharge Machine
  • One gear hobbing machine


Service & Repair

We are sorry to learn that you have a product that is in need of repair.

If this is the case, please rest assured, dear customers, that we will do our best to satisfy you and send you back the sensor as soon as possible (the average repair time is one week).





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